Friday, May 30, 2014

Your Turn: Book Reviews for Teens, by Teens

Also Known As Harper by Ann Haywood Leal
Thanks to Ms. Elliana Penwell for this review!  Sounds like a great book.

About The Book:
Harper is an aspiring poet, and life is giving her a lot to write about just now. Daddy up and walked out, leaving them with too many bills, too little money, and an eviction notice. Now Mama is scrambling to make ends meet, leaving Harper to stay home and take care of her brother. Their whole world has been turned upside down, which Harper could just about handle—if it wasn’t for the poetry contest at school. More than anything, she wants to get up on that stage and read her poems out loud. But how can she worry about getting back to school when she doesn’t even know where she’s going to sleep tonight?
My Rating:
My Review:
I didn't know what to expect when I picked up this book. It was a library copy, something my friend had read and I thought sounded interesting. Usually, I don't read books like this because I'd rather read science fiction or fantasy, but poetry is something I really love, which helped add to my interest.
I read this entire book in the car. I started on the first page and read all the way to the last page, nearly without stopping. It had me entranced, sad, and my emotions were like a whirlwind. You feel bad for Harper from the very start, from her father to the eviction notice to everything else.
I usually don't like sad books, but even with as sad as this book was, it is by far one of the best I've ever read. The story is mind swirling, amazing and emotional, all while being believable and easy to follow.
I would highly reccommend this book to anyone who can handle a bit more emotional book and is over the age of ten.

Elliana Penwell, signing off!

Your Turn: Book Reviews by Teens, for Teens

The One Left Behind by Willo Davis Roberts
Another quality review submitted by Ms. Elliana Penwell

About The Book:
Mandy awoke in darkness. For a moment she didn't remember that Angel was gone, that she would not be coming back, and then the pain hit her like a physical blow.

For the first time in her eleven years, Mandy is alone. Through a series of miscommunications, her entire family has left her by herself in their big house on Lake Michigan. But it's the absence of her twin sister, Angel, that she feels the most. One year ago Angel died, and Mandy's life has been at a standstill ever since. While the rest of her family has moved on, Mandy clings to the pain of her loss.

At first Mandy is almost relieved to have the time to herself. But quickly the loneliness consumes her — until she stumbles upon two boys, one her age, the other not yet two, who are also on their own. Running away from men who wish to do them harm, the boys turn to Mandy for help. But what can she do for these boys when she can barely take care of herself? If only Angel were here, she would know what to do.

In her final book, Willo Davis Roberts proves once again why she is considered one of the greatest mystery writers for young readers. The One Left Behind is a haunting tale of loss, love, and — ultimately — hope.
My Rating:
3 1/2
My Review:
I must admit, this book was a little slow, perhaps a bit boring for the first few chapters, but it was good enough to keep reading. It is a short book, but the story is interesting and definetly not what you would expect.
You feel for Mandy, and you have to like Herry, her dog. It was a good tale about loss and hope. Not to mention, love. Once it started to get exciting I couldn't help but keep reading. The story can just sort of draw you in.

Though this book isn't the best book I've ever read, it's one of the better children's ones and I'd pretty much reccomend it to anyone able to read themselves fluently. It was cool, but sad, and strong in pretty much every other aspect.